Well come to the Tomb Raider Adventures site.  I created this site because of my interest in the Tomb Raider games and the movies.  Plus I have a thing for Lara Croft.  This site while in construction, you will be able to view videos which include game walkthroughs and movie DVDs from YouTube (maybe, if YouTube won't block it), listen to game and movie soundtracks, view images, and much more.  I also am owner of other popular video game or media based websites.  If you're into Resident Evil, one of my sites is title Resident Evil Umbrella, and if you're into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I also own Ninja Turtles 25 Years both hightly dedicated to their names.


NOTE: I understand that the URL title is about Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation, and this site is themed around Tomb Raider.  I do want to emphasize that due to a major radical change with Webs (my site provider) making choosing this exact template and the same sitebuilder features that I've always used has changed, I am using an old website that I never really used, but am now.  When I can, I will change the title of the URL to Tomb Raider Adventures, and remove "The Umbrella Corporation Website" name.  Until then, Tomb Raider Adventures site members and visitors will have to deal with this site URL name the way it is, and I hope I cleared up anyone's confusion.

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